UCCE Centennial Branding Toolkit
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UCCE Centennial Branding Toolkit

Historical Resources

Part of planning a successful UCCE Centennial campaign is understanding our history and where we come from. We've put together a few resources to help you do that. Scroll through the documents below to learn more about where UCCE comes from and who we are.

History of UCCE Power Point Slides

Giving a presentation on the UCCE Centennial? Use these Power Point slides as a starting point. Make sure to update them with your own local information and photos.

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Need Help?

Not finding what you're looking for? Or do you have something important to add that we left out? Contact Joan Warren for more information or to add to this list of resources. 

Brief History of UCCE

This 2-page summary of the history of UC Cooperative Extension was written by Rachel Surls, UCCE Advisor in Los Angeles County.  You can customize this handout with your county name.  It is available on both versions of the Centennial newsletter templates.

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History of UC Rangeland Extension

Written by Melvin George, UC Cooperative Extension Rangeland Management Specialist Emeritus, and W. James Clawson, UC Cooperative Extension Rangeland Management Specialist Emeritus, this publication documents significant milestones in rangeland extension, research, and teaching in the University of California. This historical overview chronicles the programs, people, facilities, and accomplishments that have contributed significantly to the success of these undertakings.

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APLU: History of the Land Grant

This 40-page document, produced by the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU), provides a historic overview and chronology of the Land Grant University System, and a list of member universities of the APLU.

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Founding year of UCCE Offices by County

Not sure what year your county office was founded? This great list, compiled by UCCE Advisor Rachel Surls, has the founding date for most UCCE offices listed by county. If you know the founding date of your county but it is not listed here, please let Marissa Stein know.

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UC ANR Oral History Project

These narrative stories illuminate the work and accomplishments of men and women who have given so much professionally and personally to the betterment of American agricultural science, technology, economics, farmer training, education, and labor relations for a sustainable agricultural economic future for California. Their unique story is one of university, field workers, interested citizens, and agricultural business people coming together to improve life for the citizens of California.

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History of the Morrill Act

The passage of the Morrill Act in 1862 provided all states with chunks of land that could be sold off and used to fund public universities. This allowed states to fund higher education in agriculture, science, and mechanical arts. Written by UCCE Centennial Committee Chair, Rose Hayden-Smith, this California Agriculture article explores the history of the Morrill Act and how it tied in to national events. 

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A Sustaining Comradeship: History of UCCE

The national Cooperative Extension service was officially established in 1914, with the passing of the Smith-Lever Act. This brief history book, prepared for the UC Cooperative Extension 75th anniversary, tells the story of UC Cooperative Extension from 1913 to 1988. 

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Grass Roots...The Extension Way

This video, produced for the 75th anniversary of UC Cooperative Extension, is a great resource if you want to learn about the history of UCCE. At 10-minutes long, the video highlights the history of UCCE and milestones along the way.

California Agriculture: Cooperative Extension at 75

This great article, published in California Agriculture in 1989 for the UC Cooperative Extension 75th anniversary, highlights the important work of of UCCE in local communities and shows how UCCE invests in California's future.

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History of the Farm Bureau

This document from 1933, found by Ned Coe of the California Farm Bureau, gives a great overview of how The California Farm Bureau was developed and its relationship with UC Cooperative Extension. It also provides an inside look at California agriculture in the 1930s.

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