UCCE Centennial Branding Toolkit
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UCCE Centennial Branding Toolkit

Marketing Resources

To help you incorporate UCCE centennial branding into your local celebration, we've provided a number of templates for you to use. These are meant to be tailored to meet your needs, so long as the general branding stays consistent. If you need additional templates, please complete this survey to make your request. 

Informational Flyers


These flyer templates come in Power Point. Everything on the template can be moved, altered, and removed. 

Download the event flyer templates>>

Event flyers


These event flyer templates come in Power Point. Everything on the template can be moved, altered, and removed. 

Download the event flyer templates>>

California Agriculture - Centennial Edition

This 20-page PDF is a great handout at fairs, events, and conferences. Complete with an editorial from Janet Napolitano, this special centennial edition of California Agriculture highlights how far UCCE has come over the past 100 years. If you would like to request hard copies of this document, please email Marcia Nelson

Download the PDF>>


These 4 ft x 10 ft banners can be used to hang outside your building, to hang roadside, or to bring as a booth backdrop at a county fair. When you get it printed, you'll want to make sure it's on weather proof material and has grommets (if you're hanging it outside).

Looking for a cotton trailer billboard? We have some of these printed at 6 ft by 30 ft that are available to travel across the state. They are currently in Tulare and Kings counties. Contact Jim Sullins to request one for your county.


Download this PDF>>



Download this PDF>>



Download this PDF>>

Pull-Up Banners


The centennial pull-up banners can be ordered through Ace Exhibits. The company already has the artwork, you just need to call and let them know which ones you want to order and how many. Here is a link to the product with more information and specs. 

To order your own, contact Zachary Snow at Ace Exhibits at (888) 777-0223 x 118 or zsnow@aceexhibits.com.  




Want to order special UCCE Centennial tablecloths? We've ordered a few with the white text on a blue background. When you call, tell your vendor you want a blue that's as close to the PMS 286 color as possible. 

We found the best prices to be through A4 Promotions & Incentives. You can call and talk to Richard Anderson, and tell him you want to order the same tablecloths that Marissa Stein ordered. 

Quantity Price
1 $148.00
3 $144.00
5 $138.00
10 Call for pricing


Richard Anderson
(916) 761-9571

Click here to download the artwork>>
(Please note, the artwork is white font on a white background, so if you open it you won't be able to see anything.)


These postcard handouts are a great way to communicate the extent of our programs and services. The front of the postcards focuses on UC Cooperative Extension and the centennial celebration, while the back links to all of the various programs UC Agriculture and Natural Resources oversees.

These postcards are designed to print at about a 6x4 size. When sending the document to a vendor, you may want to mention that the document is setup with bleeds (meaning the ink extends all the way to the edges) and that there are crop marks to indicate where the page should be cut. Your printer should know that the crop marks should not appear on a proof and should not be printed. 

Click here to download a PDF of this file



Research Posters


This is a Power Point template for a 45 x 45 research poster. All elements on this template can be moved, altered and removed. 

Download this template>>

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