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Tom Furnanz won the Gardeners Choice award for his photo
Tom Furnanz won the Gardeners Choice award for his photo "Lily and the Swallowtail" in the Creatures in the Garden category
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Following a program wide call for photos which collected 350 entries, and two rounds of voting the official UC Master Gardener Photo Contest winners have been determined. We are very appreciative of the amount of support and participation from our UC Master Gardener volunteers and the public for casting their vote. Thanks to over 907 votes we now have our first, second and third place winners in each category. This contest was a huge success and we're proud of each and every volunteer who entered their images.

Thank you for voting, the winners have been announced.



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Be inspired by the incredible creativity and talent of UC Master Gardeners from across California! Thank you to each participant in this years contest. 

Creatures in the Garden

In a world where natural habitats are being depleted, gardens are a haven for many creatures. The wild, and not so wild creatures that use our gardens can become familiar companions, or rare and special visitors. Beetles and butterflies, birds and bunnies, may take center stage and steal the show.

Incredible Edibles

What’s in your garden? From seedlings to harvest, apples to zucchini, show us your best fruit, vegetable or herb fresh from the garden! Ripe and ready to eat or green hanging on a tree all edibles are welcome in this category.  

UC Master Gardeners In Action

Every day volunteers make a difference in communities across California.  Tell the volunteer story through photos featuring UC Master Gardeners working in their communities and supporting their programs.

Outstanding Ornamental

Celebrate the true beauty of the plant from seed to flower, foliage to stem. Plant portraiture is all about capturing the very essence, or character, of a plant. Get creative with extreme close up or stay classic, all styles are welcome.

IMG_0176 Native plants MGW
California Friendly Gardening

A California Friendly garden features smart and sustainable landscaping using plants, shrubs, grasses and trees that are native or adapted to your regional climate and local conditions. Showcase the health and beauty that is a California garden.


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A special thank you to Marcy Sousa, Program Coordinator in San Joaquin County and Melissa Womack, Statewide Marketing Coordinator for sharing their talents and capturing these images of the photo gallery.


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