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Creatures in the Garden:

Title Creatures in the Garden 18
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Photo Information Last Meal Of The Condemned.
Goren, Bruce: UC Master Gardener Vol.
Description When Kelly called out to me in the garden, her tone of voice was more like Get the shotgun Zeke, there's a burglar in the root cellar rather than the eeek, a mouse you might expect. Kelly is understandably protective about the mushroom bed I built, and new flushes of fruiting bodies always bring a smile. So, you can imagine the indignant come here and look at this when she discovered this Jabba the Hutt wannabe lazing on its side while chowing down on the brown oyster mushrooms she had been planning to gather for our stir fry dinner that evening. Needless to say, after posing for a farewell image this really big slug was dispatched to mollusc heaven with prejudice.? You can purchase prints and other gift items based on this image and more from my SmugMug gallery at -- in advance!?

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