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Photo Information Hummingbird enjoying nectar in Honeysuckle vine near patio.
Barr, Sandi: UC Master Gardener Vol.
Description I took this picture in the September of 2014. This is actually part of a triptych...a three part set with the same subject (the hummingbird). I often lay on the grass in my backyard with my camera focused around the yard. My goal is to see from a different perspective. In this case I was lying on my back, (of course camera ready), watching a few hummingbirds 'fighting' over the rights to this single piece of a honeysuckle vine that was shooting quite high above the rest of the plant. After a couple of minutes only one of the hummers remained. The sky was so clear, the September sun behind me, it really was an awesome photo opportunity. Using burst shots, I was able to capture this little hummer moving around the flowers probably deciding which one would be the best. It definitely was rewarding to see him go from the left flower to the middle flower and then finally decide that the right flower was the one to taste. I am thrilled to have captured this. What a great memory.

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