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Photo Information Pitaya flower in bloom
Barr, Sandi: UC Master Gardener Vol.
Description I took this picture at 6:00 in the morning in September 2016. A neighbor gave me some cuttings the previous spring. I had tasted the fruit but had never seen the flower. He explained that I needed to hand pollinate the flower with a small paint brush to guarantee it to fruit, and I would need to do it early in the morning. When I saw the flower open (about a week later) out my bedroom window, I grabbed my small brush and of course my camera and went outside. After completing the pollinating task, I began to document the experience with a series of photos. I didn't realize until that morning how beautiful the flower would be and how special it was to see all the special components of the flower up close. I pollinated several flowers that morning. The pollination did take and, yes, I did get 3 absolutely delicious red pitaya fruit several weeks later. Since then I have added more plants and am totally willing to proceed with the pollination process

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