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John Bartram: America's Master Gardener

Speaker Name
Kirk Brown
Speaker Title
President, The Association of Garden Communicators (GWA)

America’s first and foremost botanist and plant collector is again on the speaking circuit! Close friends with Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, he was a correspondent with many of the world’s foremost scientists and plant collectors including: Philip Miller, Carl Linnaeus, Johann Gronovius and Peter Collinson. He is credited with reforesting most of the English countryside with new “American” plant introductions. He was especially conscious of how easily man can destroy the balance of nature. His humor, his passion and his achievements will entertain, inspire and awe as he shares his hope for the future of the earth and the people who inhabit it!

Date & Time
Thurs. Aug. 24 (3:10 - 5:10 pm)

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