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Session E

Edible Landscaping- The New American Garden

Speaker Name
Rosalind Creasy
Speaker Title
Landscape Designer, Author, Photographer

One of today’s gardening buzzwords is sustainable. You’d be hard put to find a more sustainable landscape style than an organically grown edible garden. Rosalind Creasy, pioneer in the field of edible landscaping, award-winning professional photographer; and author of 18 books on gardening, including Edible Landscaping; will give a mouth-watering slide presentation. Among the topics she will cover: the basic principles of designing edible landscapes, an A to Z of her recommended beautiful edible plants for California gardens, and include photos of a wide variety of residential and commercial edible landscapes using vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Date & Time
Fri. Aug 25 (9:15-10:15 am)

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