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Session G

Growing an Heirloom Garden: Vegetables and Flowers

Speaker Name
Rosalind Creasy
Speaker Title
Landscape Designer, Author, Photographer

Our ancestors grew large meaty tomatoes, beets the size of volleyballs, and melons so fragrant they could perfume a room. They also planted flowers with grace and charm that were not bred like numerous modern varieties to eliminate pollen or to look good in a gas station. Many of those old varieties are now lost, but there is still an exciting array of old-fashion edibles and flowers we can still grow and enjoy today. Join photographer and author, Rosalind Creasy for an illustrated lecture on how to both select, grow, and cook with heirloom vegetables; as well as find out how to keep this amazing gene-pool of over 30,000 heirloom vegetables and flowers alive and thriving for the next generation.

Date & Time
Fri. Aug. 25 (12:45-1:45 pm)

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