University of California

Session G

The Art of Bonsai: Selection, Styling, Maintaining, Presenting

Speaker Name
Ken Schlothan
Speaker Title
Past-President Orange County Bonsai Society

The growing of bonsai, which translates literally as 'plant in a tray', it combines both horticulture and art, creating trees that are often referred to as 'living sculptures'. This session will review what the definition of a bonsai is, what materials can be used along with what is most popular. Past-President Orange County Bonsai Society, Ken Scholthan, will also review the many types of soil mixtures that can be used, how to choose a pot, prune, feed and maintain a tree as well as what a Bonsai presentation looks like.

Date & Time
Fri. Aug. 25 (12:45-1:45 pm)

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