2018 IPM Summit
University of California
2018 IPM Summit

2018 IPM Summit


The April 17, 2018 Summit will bring together leaders, practitioners, and the broader community to participate in a series of presentations and interactive discussions about IPM.

Our goals at the Summit are to give participants:

  • Exposure to a broad cross-section of stakeholders and leaders in the State all committed to increasing the use of IPM principles.
  • New perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in managing pests and pesticides in California based on over a year's field research.
  • A first look at and chance to react to key ideas and proposals for moving IPM forward.
  • New tools to assist in understanding the system dynamics that create conflict around pests and pesticides and how story-telling can be an important part of humanizing the challenge.
  • Exciting and useful perspectives on innovation and public attitudes that can help shape a more positive future for IPM.

The Pests, Pesticides, and IPM (PPI) is a two year project designed to increase adoption of IPM and to increase the understanding of the complexities of pest management by the general public.

Throughout this process, we have engaged seasoned thought leaders, researchers, extension personnel, IPM practitioners, people that use pesticides, people impacted by pesticide use, worker representatives, non-English speakers, retailers and regulators in the urban and rural areas of California. For detailed information on the project, view the synopsis.

Seating for this conference is limited and pre-registration is required! Register now.


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