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Dear Colleagues:

It is with great pleasure that we invite our international olive colleagues to the IX International Olive Symposium in Davis, California September 24-28 2023.

The symposium is being organized by the University of California (UC) Davis and the International Society for Horticultural Science.

UC Davis is the top-ranked agricultural university in the United States and offers the opportunity to interact with a wide range of academic colleagues in multiple disciplines. The campus is home to the world-renowned UC Davis Olive Center.

The campus is located in the Sacramento Valley, accessible to both the California’s oil and table olive production areas.The Symposium will include the opportunity to visit nurseries, orchards, and observe harvesting and operating table olive processors and oil mills.

Globally the United States is the third-largest consumer of olive oil and fourth-largest consumer of table olives. The California table olive industry is the world’s 10th largest producer, which includes 14,000 acres (5,800 ha) of primarily ’Manzanillo’ and ‘Sevillano’ cultivars processed in the “California Black Ripe” style.  The California olive oil industry is 37,000 acres (15,000 ha) primarily planted in the super-high-density format of ‘Arbequina’, ‘Arbosana’ and ‘Koroneiki’ cultivars but also includes dozens of other cultivars in the high-density format.

The 5-day Symposium will include all aspects of basic and applied research including plant improvement, crop physiology, orchard design, irrigation, pathology, entomology, nutrition, pruning and harvesting, sustainable orchard management, and table and oil olive processing and marketing.

The symposium will provide a unique opportunity for researchers and industry stakeholders to once again share research findings and industry developments.  Our central location with nearby major airports also offers the opportunity to enjoy California’s other cities and tourist sites, including San Francisco, Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe. We look forward to welcoming you in California.

Giulia Marino, Selina Wang, and Reza Ehsani

Olive Symposium 2023

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