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Abstract Submission

Submission Deadlines
Abstract & Paper Submission Opens:  15 June, 2022
Deadline Abstract Submission:   15 December, 2022
Deadline Abstract Modification: 15 January, 2023
Deadline Paper (full manuscript):  15 March, 2023
Deadline Paper Modification:  15 June. 2023




Symposium Topics

  1. Breeding, genetics and propagation
  2. Physiology and biology
  3. Climate change and orchard sustainability
  4. Orchard management I (planting systems, canopy management, crop protection, harvest)
  5.  Orchard management II (Irrigation, fertilization and soil management)
  6.  Precision management and new technologies
  7. Olive products (processing, quality and safety for table olive and olive oil, health benefits, adulteration, by-products)
  8. Marketing, economics, certification, rural policy

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