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Photo of Missy Gable
Missy Gable
Title: Director
Phone: (530)750-1266
Email: mjgable@ucanr.edu
Photo of Lauren Snowden
Lauren Snowden
Title: Statewide Training Coordinator
Phone: (530) 750-1203
Email: llsnowden@ucanr.edu
Photo of Melissa G. Womack
Melissa G. Womack
Title: Assistant Director of Impact & Communications
Phone: (530) 750-1388
Email: mgwomack@ucanr.edu
Photo of Danny Won
Danny Won
Title: Program Support Assistant
Phone: (530) 750-1353
Email: dwon@ucanr.edu

2023 Conference Planning Help

General Conference Questions

Email: mgevents@ucanr.edu


Search for Excellence Chair

Email: mgsfe@ucanr.edu 
Website: ucanr.edu/sites/23MGConference/SFE/
Include county name in subject line for all email communications
Email checked weekly


Program Support Unit, UC ANR 

Phone: (530) 750-1361
Fax: (530) 756-1179
Email: anrprogramsupport@ucanr.edu
Website: ucanr.edu/sites/PSU/Staff_List_42/