2021 Virtual Summit Education Sessions

Learn how to create positive change, prepare for college and careers, focus on personal improvement, and find your spark through this year's youth summit education sessions.  

Our education sessions are offered by 4-H youth, 4-H adult volunteers, 4-H staff, and members of the community.  Youth will sign-up for their education sessions as apart of their summit registration.  They will be hosted via the Zoom Conferencing platform.  Youth participants will receive additional details including zoom access links after our registration period closes.


Offered Sessions

Creating Positive Change

Sparking New Opportunities
Claire Boone, 4-H Incentives and Recognition Advisory Member
Ashley Pyler, Ventura County 4-H Ambassador

Participants will identify their Spark and learn how it can use it to contribute to their community. Participants will work collaboratively to brainstorm how their spark can serve the community on a local or global level.

Finding Your Spark in Service
California 4-H State Ambassadors

Participants will use their Spark to learn about ways to serve their communities. Through awareness, service, advocacy and philanthropy participants will explore opportunities to use their Spark in creating positive change in the world. 

College & Career Readiness

The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership Communication
Nichole Marshal-Wheeler, 4-H Development Advisor
Vera M. Bullard, 4-H Community Education Specialist
Grace Barrett, 4-H Youth Member
Sara Tibbetts, Youth Summits Planning Team Member

Communication skills are essential to success in one's personal, professional, and academic life. Participants will have the opportunity to improve their communication and public speaking skills by participating in activities and discussion and apply to their sparks.

College + Career Awareness: Tips from a Pro!
Elizabeth McWhorter, 4-H Volunteer and College Educator

Get ready to have some fun, possibly win a prize, and learn Top 5 Tips to start preparing for your career and college path now. Participants will collaborate with peers, get a mini college tour, reflect and ask questions.


Keys to College & Career Readiness- Cruisin' Down the Road to Success
Rita Jakel, Orange County 4-H Program Representative

Participants will learn about and practice creating SMART life goals, reflect on the necessity of resilience and how to build it, define the keys to college and career readiness, and identify career pathways and steps to get there. We will also address the considerations of choosing between college and career pathways and the factors that influence this choice.

Personal Improvement

Pursuing Leadership through Mentorship
Shiloh Williams, Nurse Researcher and Entrepreneur

Learn about the benefits of mentorship. How future leaders can use mentors to hone their knowledge, skills and abilities. Learning how to identify a mentor, formal vs. informal mentorship and how to get the most out of mentoring relationships.

Physically Fit and Mentally Sharp
Eric Castillo, Sofia Castillo, Serafina Martinez, and Dominique Montes, Orange County 4-H Ambassadors

Learn how to stay physically and mentally active during times of stress and uncertainty. Taking care of your physical and well as mental health is vital to succeed in developing your sparks. Learn simple yet effective exercises and positive suggestions to problems.

What Leadership Means to You
Megna Nayar and Ethan Auyeung
Santa Clara County Computer Science Pathways Team Members

Learn leadership skills and how they apply to real life scenarios.  By using basic coding with the Animate a Name activity on CS First. 


Discover your True Colors
John Trammell, CA 4-H Youth Summits Director

Everyone has a different and unique personality. Knowing your personality and understanding the personalities of others will help you be a more effective leader in and outside of 4-H. True Colors is a concept that organizes personality traits in a handful of colors. Participants will be introduced to the True Colors concept, take a short assessment to identify their own personality trait, discuss their findings in breakout sessions, and learn the positive impacts of understanding personalities of leaders and teams.

GPS Will Get You There
Evelyn Young, Francie Ferguson, Anissa Foster, and Alex Hascall
California 4-H State Ambassador Team

Setting goals will pave the way to success. Using the GPS model of goal setting, participants will learn how to set realistic and meaningful goals relating to their spark, pursue strategies to reach their goals, and understand how to shift gears when challenges arise.

Find Your Spark!

Spark Armor
Ben Salters, Faith Hunt, Kylie Suttle, Maci Suttle
San Joaquin County 4-H Ambassadors

Learn to identify your own passions and spark. By diving into direct questions that will lead participants down the path of discovery.


Are You Stuck in the MUD?
Addison Holbrook, Cooper Griffith, Rhett Smelser
Imperial County 4-H Ambassador Team

Learn to identify your Sparks through cooking, nutrition and marketing. This workshop will have some supplies and basic ingredients required.


Rising Voices: An Audio Production Journey
Adler Stregel and Livia Vertucci
Ventura County 4-H Ambassadors

Participants will be exposed to the world of audio production by learning the basic skills needed to start a podcast.  Potentially discover a new passion and learn interviewing, editing and leadership skills.