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Everyone Should Go To State Field Day

Everyone Should go to State Field Day - By SVO, Age 12, Surfside 4-H

State Field Day is held at the University of California Davis in Davis California the first weekend of June. It was a ton of fun and everyone should go at least once. There was so much to see and do there. I qualified to go to State Field Day because I won two gold medals at the San Diego County Art & Design Day for fashion revue. For state fashion revue, I chose to enter my retro outfit. Did you know that you can qualify to go to state if you receive a gold for presentations too? Click here to read more...

Sewing for Australia

Sewing for Australia - By EW, Age 11, Surfside 4-H

In 2019, Australia suffered from an extremely dry spring. Now, in January 2020, the country is experiencing historic wildfires. Scientists estimate that 500 million to 1 billion animals will be lost from the fires. Many of the animals are now injured or parentless, needing to be rescued. Click here to read more...

Fidget Mats for Alzheimer's Patients

Fidget Mats for Alzheimer's Patients - By HB and JC, Ages 18 & 19, Ramona Stars

The Ramona Stars 4-H Sewing Project made “Fidget Mats” for senior citizens with Alzheimer’s.  The project was a comfort service project inspired by the 2019 California 4-H State Fashion Revue.  The youth members in the project designed and made mats that had multiple tactile elements that Alzheimer’s patients could use to keep their hands busy while they are resting or watching TV. Click here to read more...

4-H Summer Camp

4-H Summer Camp - By ND, Age 13, from Olivenhain Valley 4-H

I am from San Diego County 4-H. I started 4-H when I was 7 years old, and it has become the greatest decision I have made. This is my 8th year of being a part of this delightful youth program. As a youth member of 4-H I have been offered various opportunities and learning experiences to further build upon the leader 4-H has made me today. One 4-H experience specifically that made me fall in love with 4-H is 4-H summer camp. Click here to read more...

Junior Leadership Camp

Junior Leadership Camp - By SVO, Age 11, from Surfside 4-H

Junior Leadership Camp (JLC) is a leadership camp for 4-H members 11-13 years old and once you are 15 you can be a camp counselor. This was the first year I went there and it was really fun. My favorite session was where we put shaving cream on a balloon and tried to get it all off with a plastic butter knife. We learned how to communicate silently with one another in this session. Click here to read more...

Presentation Day

Presentation Day - By CLT, Age 11, with Jamul Chaparros 4-H

Presentation Day is one of my favorite 4-H events. Why you ask? Because I am able to educate others on my interests and share my passions! Presentation day, for those of you that don’t know, begins at Area in February, then to County after that, takes us to Los Angeles, and all the way to Sacramento for State Field Day! Click here to read more...

My 4-H Experience

My 4-H Experience - By JS, Age 15, with Olivenhain Valley 4-H

I’m 15 years old, and I absolutely love 4-H. In 4-H, I do many different projects such as archery, photography and community service. I also attend the Southern Youth Summit and LA County’s 4-H summer camp. Regardless of what I’m doing through 4-H, I always have fun. Click here to read more...


What a 4-H Member Thinks About the Multicultural Baking Project

What a 4-H Member Thinks About the Multicultural Baking Project - By SV - Age 10 - with Surfside 4-H

This year we had a multicultural baking project and we learned about baked goods from all over the world. I loved it! We had a blast!! It was really fun to learn about different kinds of foods and a variety of cooking and baking techniques. Click Here to Read More...


The True Meaning of a Wonderful Teenage Life

The True Meaning of a Wonderful Teenage Life - By TT, Age 15, with Ramona Stars

I've been involved in the 4-H program for seven years. I love every minute of it. In these seven years, I have witnessed so many wonderful experiences. I would like to share with you my 2017-2018 year in 4-H. Therefore, sit back and relax as I begin my 4-H story title "The True Meaning of a Wonderful Teenage Life." Click Here to Read More...

All About 4-H

All About 4-H - By TT, Age 14, with Ramona Stars 4-H

Every time I tell someone I'm in 4-H, they ask me, "Oh, what animal do you raise?" With a smile, my response is lengthy, and usually, they look very surprised at my answer. Click Here to Read More...


What I Like About Art and Design Day

What I Like About Art and Design Day - By KS, Age 12, with Surfside 4-H

I am writing about Art and Design Day and what I liked about it because it was so much fun! At Art and Design Day you can participate in fashion revue, favorite foods, arts and crafts, and engineering... Click Here to Read More...