Classes and Divisions

This year's show will be held in person at the Diamond Bar Arena in Ceres, CA.

  • This will be a Non-Qualifying, Open Show.
  • 2022 Class Divisions:
    • Senior, Junior and Novice in Western, English, and Gymkhana
    • Ranch, Miniature, and Jumping classes are open.
  • Exhibitors may not cross-enter divisions on the same horse.
  • If entered in the walk/trot division, exhibitor may not cross over to any loping division.
Patterns will be posted on this page on June 6, 2022

Classes and Divisions offered

English Classes

Western Classes

Ranch Classes

Miniature Classes

Gymkhana Classes

English Classes

English Patterns

Class 1- English Showmanship (Novice)

Class 2: English Showmanship (Junior) 

Class 3: English Showmanship (Senior) 

Class 4: Hunt Seat Equitation (Novice)

Class 5: Hunt Seat Equitation (Junior)

Class 6: Hunt Seat Equitation (Senior)

Class 7: Hunter Under Saddle (Novice)

Class 8: Hunter Under Saddle (Junior) 

Class 9: Hunter Under Saddle (Senior) 

Class 10: English Pleasure (Novice)

Class 11: English Pleasure (Junior) 

Class 12: English Pleasure (Senior) 

Class 13: Ground Poles (Open)

Class 14: Cross Bars for Beginners 18” (Open)

Class 15: Equitation Over Fences 24" (Open)

Class 16: Equitation Over Fences 2’6” (Open)

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Western Classes

Western Patterns

Western Trail Patterns

Class 17: Western Showmanship (Novice)

Class 18: Western Showmanship (Junior) 

Class 19: Western Showmanship (Senior) 

Class 20: Western Equitation (Novice)

Class 21: Western Equitation (Junior)  

Class 22: Western Equitation (Senior) 

Class 23: Western Horsemanship (Novice)

Class 24: Western Horsemanship (Junior) 

Class 25: Western Horsemanship (Senior) 

Class 26: Western Pleasure (Novice) 

Class 27: Western Pleasure (Junior) 

Class 28: Western Pleasure (Senior) 

Class 29: Trail (Novice) 

Class 30: Trail (Junior)

Class 31: Trail (Senior)

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Ranch Classes - Open Levels

Ranch Patterns

Class 32: Ranch Showmanship (Open) 

Class 33: Ranch Riding (Open) 

Class 34: Ranch Pleasure (Open)

Class 35: Ranch Reining (Open)

Class 36: Ranch Trail (Open) 

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Miniature Horse Classes - Open Levels

Miniature Horse Patterns

Class 37: Miniature Horse Showmanship (Open)

Class 38: Miniature Horse Trail (Open) 

Class 39: Miniature Horse In-Hand Over Fences (Open)

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Gymkhana Classes

Gymkhana Patterns

Class 40: Single Stake (Novice)

Class 41: Single Stake (Junior)

Class 42: Single Stake (Senior)

Class 43: Poles (Novice)

Class 44: Poles (Junior)

Class 45: Poles (Senior)

Class 46: Cloverleaf (Novice)

Class 47: Cloverleaf (Junior)

Class 48: Cloverleaf (Senior)

Class 49: Big T (Novice)

Class 50: Big T (Junior)

Class 51: Big T (Senior)

Class 52: Speed Barrels (Novice)

Class 53: Speed Barrels (Junior)

Class 54: Speed Barrels (Senior)

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Please direct Horse Classic questions to the 4-H Equine Coordinator/Horse Classic Show Manager at