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Adding an Award

  1. Click the Award (Star) button that is next to Activity (pig)

  2. In Award Title/Name, type in your award title or award name

  3. In Award Date, select the date you received the award

  4. In Description, describe your award in a few words or sentences

  5. In Award Type, select the type of award you earned 

    SPECIAL NOTE* According to Record Book Guidelines : Major Honors and Milestones are the ONLY awards that will count towards your PDR Star Ranking. Ribbons/Certificates/Seals will only appear in the associated APR (project report). Please refer to the record book manual to determine what awards qualify as a Major Honor/Milestone

  6. In Award Origin/Level, select the level of the award you earned

  7. In Related Project, select the project that your award was related to. Only Major Honors/Milestones may not have a project associated with them.

  8. If you want to upload a picture of the award, in the Attach a photo or document, select Choose File, then look for where you saved the file on your computer.

  9. Select Add Award when you are done with all of these steps.




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