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Sparks Scores

Did you know?

Completion of all Sparks Score surveys for the year can be added to the communication skills portion of the record book. Refer to the record book manual for information on how to count Sparks Score surveys in the record book.

What are Sparks Scores?

Sparks Scores are a fun survey activity that you can access with the 4-H Online Record Book. You can answer sparks scores questions to earn sparks scores. 

Sparks Score questions open twice a year. 

  • September- January
  • May- July

For members who are in their first year of 4-H, you will have new questions in September-January and May-July

For members who have been in 4-H for two years or more, you will only have questions in May-July unless completely new survey questions have been released

 How to Fill Out Sparks Surveys

1. During the Survey Window (Sept-Jan or May-July) there will be a green box on the lower right side of your Home Page titled Boost Your Sparks Score! 

2. Select the topic you wish to take a survey on. Selecting a category will bring you to the survey page.

3. Follow the instructions to answer questions on the survey

4. Select Save Responses

5. Once you have filled out a survey, it will no longer appear on your home page

6. After completing all surveys, you can answer the bonus questions!

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