2020 Program Assistants


92228458_2567781590207220_7432760416935084032_n - Trent Baldwin

Trent Baldwin


College: The Ohio State University
Major: Community Leadership
Favorite 4-H Project: Beef
Fun Fact: I'm trying to visit every US state and I've got halfway there this year!


Siena Bowen


College: University of Oregon
Environmental Studies
Favorite 4-H Project:
Leadership Development
Fun Fact: I was once delayed for ten hours at an airport.

591547ED-A704-4726-95E8-11E38F39B2E8 - Siena Bowen


IMG_0983 - Halia Collins

Halia Collins


College: Sacramento City College
Major: Political Economy/Public Policy
Favorite 4-H Project: 4-H Youth Experience in Science Project
Fun Fact: I love drawing and Role Playing Games.


Caleb Dowdell


College: Modesto Junior College
Major: Art History
Favorite 4-H Project: Art
Fun Fact: I've flown a plane.

IMG_5625 - Caleb Dowdell


CalFocus Governor Cody - Cody Dowdell

Cody Dowdell


College: Modesto Junior College
Major: Electronics Technology
Favorite 4-H Project: Electricity & Logic
Fun Fact: I can solve the Rubik's Cube.


Eileen Hails


College: UC Santa Cruz
Major: Environmental Science
Favorite 4-H Project: Archery
Fun Fact: I love to travel and have been to 18 states!

IMG_20190623_182929264_HDR - Eileen H



Jackie Penner


College: Washington State University
Major: Human Development and Nursing
Favorite 4-H Project: Dairy Goats
Fun Fact: My senior year if high school I brought my goat to school on picture day and my goat was in my school ID.


Cara Rubin


College: University of Tennessee
Major: Global Studies
Favorite 4-H Project: Horse Project
Fun Fact: I've lived in 2 other countries!

SLC photo - Cara Rubin


IMG_7224 - Chloe Tuckness

Chloe Tuckness


College: San Jose State University
Major: Justice Studies with a  focus in Criminology, Minor in Forensic Science and Minor in Comparative Literature
Favorite 4-H Project: Cooking!! Food is always the best
Fun Fact: I'm reading Harry Potter for the very first time! I'm about to start Order of the Phoenix, and Remus Lupin is my absolute favorite character.


Tatiana Woliung


College: Gettysburg College
Major: Religious Studies
Favorite 4-H Project: Sheep
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Japan and Germany


IMG_20190412_000633_901 - tatiana woliung