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County Presentations

Saturday, April 3, 2021
This will be a joint virtual Presentation Day
with El Dorado and Amador Counties 
Time: 10:00 AM to Noon and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Youth Presenter Registration
Register due by April 1, 11:59pm
Details will be emailed upon registration.

Evaluator Registration
Room Host Registration
Please Register by April 1, 11:59pm Details will emailed upon registration.

Contact Denise Veffredo, dveffredo@ucanr.edu 
or Vera M. Bullard, vmbullard@ucanr.edu

4-H presentations are a special sharing time when members show the skills they’ve acquired to others. Presentation Day gives 4-H members the opportunity to show others what they have learned in their current 4-H projects or what interests them! Each member presents in front of their peers and two to three evaluators. Each evaluator fills out an evaluation form using the Danish evaluation system. The scores are tallied and the presenter earns either a gold, silver, bronze, or red.

Every club and project group should devote time to presentations. Presentations by 4-H members should be a vital part of every 4-H club program. A desirable goal for each 4-H club is to have every member give at least one presentation during the year.


State Presentation Day

State Presentation Day

2021 TBD

Eligibility: Any 4-H member (9 years old and above) who has been awarded a gold medal during the All Area Presentation Day may compete with the same presentation for which the medal was awarded.

Questions? Please contact 4hsfd@ucanr.edu.

Regional Presentation Day - Central Sierra

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