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Amador County Emerald Star Rank

What is the Purpose of the Emerald Star?

The Emerald Star is a county award for service to the community and/or to 4-H. Its purpose is to encourage older members to attain a higher level of leadership development through an individual (or group) program of planning, action and evaluation/reflection; promote the development of mentoring relationships between a member and leaders; and to create opportunities to conduct 4-H activities outside the community club which will benefit the local community and/or 4-H as a whole.

Who May Apply for Emerald Star Rank?

Anyone who is currently enrolled in 8th grade or above in the 4-H year they apply. Must have a minimum of three years of program participation, and have obtained a minimum of the silver star rank. It is possible to earn your Emerald Star consecutively with your gold or platinum star. All Stars may apply.

AC 4-H Emerald Star Application Packet