Asian Citrus Psyllid Distribution and Management
University of California
Asian Citrus Psyllid Distribution and Management

Distribution of ACP, HLB and parasites in California

This zoomable map allows the user to see how many trap cards have had Asian citrus psyllids (ACP) since 2008 at the section level (one mile square area).  In areas with low levels of psyllids (1-10 detections per square mile), local eradication programs are in place.  In areas with higher numbers of psyllids (>50 detections per square mile) the psyllid is considered established and management programs are in place. The sections where the beneficial Tamarixia parasites have been released  or found are shown in green, Diaphorencyrtus parasites are shown in purple.  The map also shows the current ACP quarantine boundaries and the current huanglongbing disease (HLB) quarantine boundaries.

ACP Detection data last updated: 3/19/2021. HLB Detection data last updated: 3/19/2021. Biocontrol data last updated: 2/26/2021.  These data are provided by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.  

  • Layers: Clicking on this box allows you to turn on and off 'layers' of the map such as the ACP densities or the Tamarixia parasites.    
  • Measure tools (acres, miles, GPS location), click on the tool, then click on the map at the start and stop locations.  To stop using the tool, click on the tool button.
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