Asian Citrus Psyllid Distribution and Management
University of California
Asian Citrus Psyllid Distribution and Management

ACP effective insecticides

See individual pesticide labels and the UC IPM guidelines for citrus for rate recommendations.  Many insecticides are effective in killing psyllids, especially if they make direct contact.  

Synthetic Insecticides known to be effective for ACP management. The broad spectrum insecticides have a much longer residual than the soft insecticides - often weeks to months. Of these insecticides, the neonicotinoids and pyrethroids have the greatest persistence and so the greatest effect on populations. Research is demonstrating that Actara (foliar thiamethoxam) is a particularly effective insecticide.

*Insecticides that affect primarily egg and nymph stages. 


Organic insecticides provide short-term reduction of ACP

Organic insecticides require direct contact with the insect body, limiting their effectiveness against hard-to-reach nymphal stages of ACP. The persistence of organic products is hours to days (not weeks like the synthetics) and so they need to be applied frequently. Of the organic insecticides tested, Entrust shows the greatest efficacy and persistence. Treatment frequency: For each conventional insecticide application, apply two organic treatments 10-14 days apart.



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