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Equity and Market Reviews

Annual Market and Equity Reviews

New Staff Compensation Strategy

UC ANR’s ability to recruit and retain staff is critical to the division’s ability to achieve it’s mission and goals. UC ANR’s historically conservative pay practices impact our ability to attract, hire and retain top talent, especially within the dynamic California job market.

Using the Career Tracks compensation framework, UC ANR is addressing the lag in employee pay in their respective labor markets and the increasing costs of labor in a select few geographic areas by investing in a mulit-year, comprehensive, annual market and equity review program for non-represented employees.

The goal of the plan is to improve our ability to recruit and retain quality employees. The plan also supports the client request for a more transparent pay philosophy.

The following questions and answers provide details about the market adjustment plan and ANR’s staff compensation strategy.


What is a Market Adjustment?

An employee who significantly lags the internal and external labor markets according to the Career Tracks salary ranges, will receive a salary increase to move toward a more competitive pay goal. This salary increase is called a Market Adjustment.


Why is ANR implementing a Market Adjustment Plan?

The Market Adjustment Plan is intended to improve our ability to recruit and retain quality employees in areas where current pay levels are below competitive levels. Historically, pay for the non-represented staff has stagnated in some areas. The Career Tracks compensation framework provides a clear picture of how our pay compares to our local labor markets, and allows us to address pay concerns consistently and transparently across the organization.

Market Equity Adjustment Plan

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