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Policy Covered Staff Market Adjustment 2022


Attracting and retaining highly qualified employees is a top priority for UC ANR. It’s a critical part of our strategic plan and key to our ability to deliver the mission. It’s been four years since we began our last Market Equity Adjustment Plan, which was completed this past year; in that time the labor market has continued to change due to factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation and systemic shifts in many labor markets. Those factors have increased pressures on household budgets for many of our employees; because of that UC ANR has recently conducted an updated analysis of market rates for our staff positions. 


As a result, we will be implementing a new, two-year Market Equity Adjustment Plan effective April 01, 2022. 

Market Equity Adjustment - ANR Update

Market Equity Adjustment Program 2022 - FAQs

Market Adjustment Goals 2022

Jan 1 2022 CT Geo Group Salary Range with Titles


Directors will be provided information on employee eligibility by May 31, 2022.  Questions and follow-up can be addressed to


Please note: these equity adjustments are separate and distinct from any UC system-wide merit/general increase program approved by President Drake. 


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