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Closing Your Recruitment

Hiring Decision

After you’ve completed your round of interviews and have selected your final candidate(s), you will need to select your rejection reasons using the dropdown menus for each candidate on the spreadsheet provided.

Please remember, the reasons that you provide must relate to the job requirements. 

Once you’ve finished entering your reasons, you will submit them to your assigned HR Analyst. Your HR Analyst and Affirmative Action will then conduct their review of the selected candidate(s).

A Note About Selections

When you're entering your dispositions on the TAM Candidate spreadsheet, you will need to number your remaining candidates as well. For your final selected candidates, you will rank them in order of preference using the rank column.

Please utilize the Notes column to explain your rank, i.e. "Most demonstrated experience in x,y, z."

If there is only one final candidate, this is not necessary. However, if you have more than one, this helps us anticipate working on additional salary analyses so that your wait isn't unnecessarily lengthy.

Reference Checks

Once your HR Analyst and Affirmative Action have completed their review of the selected candidate, your HR Analyst will send you a message instructing you to begin conducting a reference check for your selected candidate. 

A Sample Reference Check was created for you to use when you’re at the point of calling references. Please check with your Analyst if you are uncertain about any question that is on the form or if you would like to ask a different question during the reference check.


Rejection Letters

The Hiring Committee is responsible for sending rejection letters only to those candidates who were interviewed, but not selected. A Sample Rejection Letter has been created to aid in this process.

Candidates who were not interviewed can check the status of the recruitment via the online recruitment system they used to submit their application (CATS).

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