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Screening new hires is an important part of onboarding. Background checks are conducted to ensure the continuing safety of our workforce, constituencies and community members, and security of University resources. Background checks also provide a host of information on the candidate or to the candidate and help protect the reputation of the University and the people who represent it. There are two services that may make-up ANR’s comprehensive background check process, one part of the background check process is fingerprinting and the other is referred to as a Background Verification.

Fingerprinting (also commonly referred to as “Live Scan”), is conducted for positions that are designated “critical” (i.e. working with youth). Some positions may require fingerprinting as the only background check service required, while other position may require a background verification in addition to, or in place of fingerprinting. 

Background verifications are required for positions that are designated “critical” such as “Human Life & Property, Master Key, Financial/Cash, Protected, Personal,Sensitive Data” Critical, etc., Sterling BackChecks (aka Sterling), provides ANR’s background verification reports which consist of the following:

  • Social Security Trace/Address listing/Name Alias listing

  • 7-year County Criminal search (felony/misdemeanor), all recorded counties

  • Widescreen Plus-national criminal search

  • National sex offender search

  • Credit Report (for Financial/Cash critical positions only)

All positions where an employee may or will be working directly with youth, must complete all required background checks prior to the time of hire, promotion, transfer, demotion (campus only), reclassification, or re-grading into a critical position. In some cases, critical positions that do not include direct interaction, supervisory or authority of youth, may begin performing duties prior to completion of the background verification, however, fingerprinting should be completed prior to the start date and background verifications should be completed within thirty days of the start date.

Note: An individual must clear a background check before the individual is sent to Employee Health for a position requiring a pre-placement physical.


Determining the need for a Check

The need for a check must be determined during the initial classification of the position description.

Please review the University Policy for Critical Criterion and refer to the UCANR Background Check Guide found on the ANR Risk Services webpage for the most current description of “critical positions”.


Department Responsibilities

If a background check is required, list the following statement under the conditions of employment: "This position is a critical position and subject to a background check. Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a background check including fingerprinting and/or a background verification (criminal history and identity check)."

If a Fingerprinting check is required, list the statement under the conditions of employment: "Employment is contingent upon successfully clearing the FBI/DOJ background check both from the Department of Justice and the FBI, prior to the first day of UC employment."

Submit the position description through the CATS system for Compensation/HR review.

Conduct interviews, follow selection process and makes a conditional offer of employment contingent upon successful completion of the background check and provides the hire finalist with a offer letter. The new hire finalist cannot begin work until the fingerprinting and background verification checks have cleared

Have the applicant schedule an appointment for the new hire finalist with the appropriate Live Scan provider or law enforcement office. The following link also provides a list of Live Scan providers, (

Cost for Fingerprinting and or Background Verification Services

Fingerprinting and/or Background Verifications will be charged to the hiring department. The account which these charges are to be re-charged to must be indicated on the Position Management PerfectForm. The BOC will recharge the hiring department after direct payment to Sterling and the DOJ has been paid upfront by ANR.

Initiating a Background check

Staff Human Resources will work with SterlingBackcheck in coordination with Risk Management to manage the background check process. Send the following information to your assigned Recruiter:

  • Candidates First and Last name
  • Candidates Email address (SterlingBackcheck will send invitation to the person to enter their personal information into the secure website)
  • FAU number (including fund and object code)                  
  • Email address of supervisor or person(s) that will receive final notification. 

Initiating Fingerprinting

Download the Live Scan Form and contact Linda Harris for assistance with the fingerprint process or any related questions you may have at  (530) 750-1263.  

If you have any questions regarding any Human Resources related matter please do not hesitate to contact our e-service center at

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