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Pre-Placement Physical

Pre-Placement Physical

Pre-Placement Medical

Pre-placement medical examinations are required of all hires for select positions to protect the new employee from possible work related health problems and to protect the University from liability issues. It is the department's responsibility to ensure an assessment/review by Occupational Health Services for pre-placement medical exam is completed prior to the start date for a new hire. Please contact your Employment Consultant/Recruiter in HR if you have questions about the classifications identified for pre-placement medical examination.


Department Responsibilities:

  • Identifies position requiring Pre-Placement Medical Examination statement based upon specific payroll titles listed under policy. Statement appears under "Work Environment" section of the position description in the CATS/PeopleAdmin system: "This position is subject to completion of a Pre-Placement Medical Examination provided by Occupational Health Services, given at no charge to the applicant."
  • Upon selection, department schedules individual for Pre-Placement Medical Examination with Occupational Health prior to initial start date. Offer of employment is contingent upon successful completion of the Pre-Placement Medical Examination process before beginning work for the University.
  • If the Pre-Placement Medical Examination process is successfully completed, the department initiates the hire decision in the CATS/PeopleAdmin system following consultation as appropriate with the department's Employment Consultant/Recruiter in HR.


NOTE: If the position also requires a background check, the background check must first clear before sending the individual to Occupational Health for a position requiring a Pre-Placement Physical. If the individual identified for hire does not successfully complete the Pre-Placement Medical Examination process, department may consult with their Employment Consultant/Recruiter for the Pre-Placement Medical Exam Appeal Process.

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