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After your job has closed and been taken off the web, you can begin screening your applicants. You will need to review each applicant’s materials and decide on your interview pool.

Reasons for Selection & Non-Selection

When it comes time to screen the applications use the TAM Candidate Disposition Spreadsheet . This form itself is easy to use and it gives drop downs for the reasons for selection. The reasons you provide have to relate to the job requirements. Once, this has been completed send the form to your assigned analyst in Zendesk and they will update TAM with your selections.

Phone Pre-Screen Option

Some may elect to conduct a brief telephone interview to help pre-screen the applicants. Screening applicants by phone can help you to identify a list of qualified applicants to move forward for discussions with your selection committee in preparation of face-to-face interviews.

The Chair of the interview panel can do this individually or have the panel present. Make sure to submit your telephone pre-screen script to the attention of your Analyst before proceeding.


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