Advanced IPM Training for UC MGs- Santa Clara
University of California
Advanced IPM Training for UC MGs- Santa Clara


Advanced IPM Training for UC Master Gardeners

June 26, 2013  

UCSC Extension Center, Santa Clara

[Times are tentative and subject to change]

9:00    Welcome and overview-- Mary Louise Flint and Karey Windbiel-Rojas, UC Statewide IPM Program 

  • What’s new from UC IPM
  • The train-the-trainer concept—bringing what you learn back to your county
  • Interactive Survey

9:45    News from the Statewide Master Gardener Program-- Missy Gable, New Director for the Statewide MG Program

10:05  Breakout Session 1

11:35  Lunch

12:20  Breakout Session 2

1:50    Breakout Session 3

3:25    Wrap up & post-workshop survey

3:45    Adjourn



*Breakout sessions—each session will be 90 minutes long and include a hands-on activity. Participants will be divided into three groups of about 25 people. Each group will attend each breakout in a rotating schedule.

Household Pests Presenter: Andrew Sutherland, Urban IPM Advisor, UC IPM Program. SF Bay Area

Biological Control Presenter: Mary Louise Flint, Extension Entomologist, UC Statewide IPM Program and UC Davis Department of Entomology.

Less Toxic Pesticides Presenter: Karey Windbiel-Rojas, Urban IPM Educator, UC Statewide IPM Program.

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