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Nuisance Species

Weed and Vertebrate Pests

Merely annoying in your lawn and garden, weeds can be devastating to agriculture, open spaces, and native species. Invasive weeds may crowd out native vegetation, degrade wildlife habitat and livestock forage, increase the risk of catastrophic wildfire and be very difficult and expensive to eradicate or control. We work to educate land managers and the public about control and management of invasive species.

Weed Research and Information Center http://wric.ucdavis.edu/
The Weed Research and Information Center at UC Davis fosters research in weed management and facilitates the distribution of knowledge to benefit agriculture and the preservation of natural resources. Check the website for:

  • Weed education workshops, seminars, and conferences 
  • Information on controlling weeds in home landscapes and gardens 
  • Recommendations for herbicide use

Ground Squirrel Control http://ipm.ucanr.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7438.html

A Brief History of Ground Squirrel Control Efforts in California