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2022 Presentations

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Room 1

Almond hull usage on california dairies

     Jennifer Heguy, UCCE Dairy Advisor

Almond hulls for lactating dairy cows: feeding amounts and composition

     Dr. Ed DePeters, UC Davis

Water conservation benefits & environmental concerns of managed agricultural aquifer recharge

     Dr. Helen Dahlke, UC Davis

Health outcomes for calves housed in a small group system

     Betsy Karle, UCCE Dairy Advisor

Producer perspectives of automatic milking systems

     Dr. Daniela Bruno, UCCE Dairy Advisor

Mitigating heat stress: insights & ideas

     Dr. Cassandra Tucker, UC Davis

Metritis in California dairy cows: antibiotic resistance of intrauterine E. coli

     Dr. Richard Pereira, UC Davis


Room 2

Integrating vacuumed manure into nutrient management: analysis, considerations & seasonal changes

     Dr. Anthony Fulford, UCCE

Nutrient management with digester effluent

     Joy Hollingsworth, UCCE Farm Advisor

Where to get AMMP resources

     Dr. Deanne Meyer, UC Davis & UC ANR

Effects of the SLICK mutation to reduce the negative impact of heat stress in Holstein cattle

     Dr. Anna Denicol, UC Davis

Feeding and managing dairy cattle genetics for beef

     Dr. Pedro Carvalho, UC Davis & UC ANR

Improved cattle through genomic selection, assisted reproductive technologies and gene editing

     Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam, UC Davis & UC ANR

Sorghum as a water saver

     Nick Clark, UCCE Farm Advisor

Alfalfa irrigation strategies for drought considering groundwater recharge

     Dr. Dan Putnam, UC Davis & UC ANR

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