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Olive production

UC Davis Olive Center

General Sources

Paul M. Vossen, UCCE Sonoma Co., 2007 (112 pp.). UC ANR Pub. 3505. Link to ANR Catalog for purchase
Background and practical information for olive oil producers from UCCE. 1994 (11 pp.) UC ANR Pub. 21516. Link to ANR Catalog for purchase
G. Steven Sibbett, UCCE Tulare Co.and Louise Ferguson, UCCE Dept. Plant Sciences, UC Davis. 2005 (118 pp.) UC ANR Pub. 3483. Link to ANR Catalog for purchase

Production Economics

Olga Senise Barrio and Hoy Carman, Dept. of Ag. and Resource Economics, UC Davis. 2005 (21 pp.) in Agricultural and Resource Economics Vol.8 No. 5.
P.M.Vossen UCCE, Sonoma Co., J.H.Connell, UCCE, Butte Co., W.H. Krueger, UCCE, Glenn Co., K.M. Klonsky, UCCE, and P.Livingston, Dept. Ag. and Resource Economics, UC Davis, 2007 (21 pp.)

Production Management

University of California website presenting the 5-year research program. Project leader: Louise Ferguson, UCCE Dept. of Plant Sciences UC Davis
Joseph Connell, UCCE Butte Co. 32-slide presentation
PowerPoint presentations and leaflets by UC researchers
William Krueger, UCCE Glenn Co. 2000. 23-slide presentation
Paul Vossen, UCCE Sonoma Co. 2006. download the interactive calculator in Microsoft Excel format
Paul Vossen, UCCE Sonoma Co., 2006 (2 pp.)
Paul Vossen, UCCE Farm Advisor, Sonoma Co. Guidelines, publications & seminar and seminars, including Olive For Oil UC short course presentations
G. Steven Sibbett, UCCE Tulare Co. and William Krueger, UCCE, Glenn Co.1998 (3 pp.) ANR Pub. 7238
William Krueger, Zachary Heath and Dominic DeLeonardis, UCCE Glenn Co. 2004 (6 pp.) ANR Publicaton 8115
Carlos Crisosto, (ed.) Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis, UC Postharvest Technology Research and Information Center
Kitren Glozer, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis. Several antioxidants were evaluated as treatments to minimize bruising damage caused by mechanical harvesting
UC IPM Online
UC IPM Online

Centers and Programs

Educate consumers on the benefits of California olive oil and table olives.

non-University of California Resources

National Science Foundation Center for IPM. 1999 (14 pp.)
Center for New Crops and Plants Products, Purdue University


Sacramento, CA. Member companies include canners, freezers, dryers and dehydrators of fruits and vegetables
Fresno, CA
Berkeley, CA
Fresno, CA


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