California Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)
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California Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

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MAP  See verified reports. (Currently displays test reports)

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Our map became active in Fall of 2015.

Visit Future Page to download the collection of reports for each category of AIS.


  • FIRST, Please take photos
    • Close view of the species
    • View of the species in its surroundings
  • DON'T handle animals or risk falling into the water!
  • You can upload multiple photos to the same report.

If you are going somewhere without Internet access, please take photos and upload a report with your photo(s) later.

When you are in the field, please also make notes about:

  • the location
  • type of habitat,
  • date and time of day that you saw the species
  • latitude and longitude, if possible. 

Please visit our "What species is it?" page to decide what it is. Then please come back here to Tell Us About It!

Local Agencies to Report Pond Weeds

Please visit your county's website to find your local Agriculture Department and learn how to report invasive pond weeds.

State Agency: Aquatic Invasive Species

You can also report invasive animals, fish, rock snot and seaweeds directly to California Department of Fish and Wildlife.


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