Climate Change in California Cooperative Extension
University of California
Climate Change in California Cooperative Extension

Integrating Climate Change in California Cooperative Extension Programs Workshop

This event was held at UC Merced 

on January 23-24, 2019


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing farmers, natural resource managers, and communities in California. Ensuring that UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) academics and staff are informed, engaged, and prepared to assist the communities they serve in addressing climate change issues is critical to all of UC ANR’s Strategic Initiatives. This workshop builds on efforts by the Climate Change Program Team to strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations and enhance the capacity of UCCE to advance climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts in California.


This meeting will bring together academics and programmatic staff from across the ANR network to foster cross-disciplinary dialogue and identify priorities for engaging with climate change in statewide programs, working groups, and Strategic Initiatives. The one-and-a-half day workshop will include updates on the latest science on climate impacts and vulnerabilities in California and sessions that focus on disaster preparedness and response, climate science communication, and climate-smart agriculture. The workshop will also include a meeting of the Climate Change Program Team to identify short- and long-term priorities for enhancing the visibility, relevance, and impact of UC ANR’s climate change research and extension programs.


Contacts for More Information
Program:  Ted Grantham or  Tapan Pathak, (530) 752-1748
Logistics:  ANR Program Support, Shannon Martin, (530) 750-1328 or Julia Kalika, (530) 750-1380


Wednesday, January 23

8:30am      Coffee

9:30am      Welcome to UC Merced - Sam Traina, UC Merced Vice Chancellor

9:40am      Workshop welcome - Ted Grantham, UC ANR/Berkeley

10:00am    Keynote: “Building Resilience in the Face of Climate Change-Related Traumatic Experience” -  Theopia Jackson, Saybrook University

11:00am    Keynote: “Improving the Decision-Relevance of Climate Science for Adaptation Planning” - Andrew Jones, Lawrence Berkeley Labs

12:00pm    Lunch

1:00pm      Lightning talks

  • “UC ANR Fire Outreach” - Susie Kocher, UC ANR
  • “Climate Stewards for California Communities Initiative” - Greg Ira, California Naturalist Program
  • “Building Climate Resilience with Tribal Communities” - Jennifer Sowerwine, UC ANR/Berkeley
  • “Landscape trees for a changing climate” - Janet Hartin, UC ANR
  • “Keeping pesticides out of water in a changing climate” - Sam Sandoval, UC ANR/Davis

1:30pm      Interactive break-out sessions, focused on:

  • Wildfire Hazard Mitigation
  • Environmental Education/Citizen Science
  • Building Climate Resilience with Tribes and Vulnerable Communities
  • Urban Landscaping and Open Space Management
  • Crop Production and Pest Management in a Changing Climate
  • Other Audience-Inspired Topics

3:00pm      Break

3:15pm      Panel discussion on disaster preparedness and response

  • Faith Kearns, California Institute for Water Resources (moderator)
  • Brian Oatman, UC ANR Risk & Safety Services
  • Tracy Schor, UC ANR Cooperative Extension Butte County
  • Stephanie Larson, UC ANR Cooperative Extension Sonoma County

5:00pm      Adjourn

6:30pm      Banquet dinner at 510 Bistro, 510 W Main St, Merced, CA 95340


Thursday, January 24 (Program Team Meeting)

9:00am      Welcome

9:05am      Panel discussion on California Smart Agriculture

  • Tapan Pathak, UC ANR (moderator)
  • Dan Sonke, Campbell’s Soup
  • Renata Brillinger, California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN)
  • Carolyn Cook, California Department of Food and Agriculture Climate Change Consortium
  • David Lile, UC ANR

10:30am    Coffee break

10:45am    Charting the path forward (Climate Change Program Team meeting)

12:00pm    Lunch

1:00pm      Ancillary meetings

  • Environmental Education WG - Chair Greg Ira
  • Fire WG – Co Chair Kate Wilkin
  • Environmental Horticulture PT - Leader Janet Hartin
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