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Trio Event

Presentation Day, Creed Contest and Home Arts Expo

March 13th 2022

Location: West Point Community Hall - 22283 Highway 26, West Point, CA 95255


10:00am - Registration Begins

10:30am - Judges and Room Monitor Meeting

11:00am - Presentations begin
Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before your presentation for set-up


Learn More about 4-H Presentations: https://4h.ucanr.edu/files/2193.pdf

Learn More about 4-H Creed: https://ucanr.edu/p/74401

Learn More about 4-H Home Arts Expo: https://ucanr.edu/p/74403

Our Trio Event Day is open to all 4-H members. You do not need to be in a Public Speaking project to participate. You can even give a presentation with a friend, which is called a team. Primary members may enter the county level only. Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors may advance to the Regional level with a gold or blue award at county level. Regional gold or blue awards may advance to State Presentation Day.

You are allowed to give 3 prepared presentations, please fill out this form for each of the presentations you plan to do.  

If you are in a team or group, only one person needs to fill out the form.  Please be sure to list all team members in the given area. 

You can give   

  • Demonstration teaches a skill by showing how to do it.
  • An Illustrated Talk tells about a subject using visual aids like posters, objects or a power point
  • Science or Engineering Presentation focuses on making sense of the world by constructing knowledge or finding suitable solutions to problems by weighing decision choices
  • An Educational Display Talk is an organized visual presentation, often on a tri-fold poster board panel. You explain what’s on your poster to a judge.
  • An Informative Prepared Speech is a formal speech written by the member that informs or educates the audience on a single issue.
  • Persuasive Prepared Speech is a formal speech written by the member that tries to sway, convince or influence, not simply argue with the audience.
  • An Impromptu Speech is one you write at the competition on the topic given by the judges.
  • An Interpretive Reading is when you read from a book, making the story come alive with your voice.
  • Share the Fun is a group skit or a group presentation.
  • Cultural Arts is music, dance, drama or performing art performed by one person or a group
  • The 4-H Creed Contest is at the County level only. Information is given here because it is not in the Manual
  • The 4-H Home Arts Expo is at the County level only.  Information is given here because it is not in the Manual

Everyone is invited to attend and hear the presentations. All members are also invited to give a Non-Judged Impromptu speech that day while judges are tallying the scores.  These are entertaining and just for fun.