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Calaveras Wranglers 4-H Horse Club

The Calaveras Wranglers 4-H Club serves members County Wide.  The monthly club meetings are held on the 3rd Weekend of the month alternating between Saturday and Sunday at 12:00pm at the Mokelumne Hill Horse Arena in Mokelumne Hill. Until further notice club meeting's will be conducted using Zoom Video Conferencing.

The Community Club Leader is Kelsey Sterrett, who can be reached at calaveraswranglers@gmail.com

NEW! See list of Central Sierra Multicounty 4-H Virtual Projects. These projects are in your club's drop down list of projects.

Current Projects

Ground Work- Mostly in this project we are working on showmanship skills that can apply to handling your horse on an everyday basis. Some of these such skills are proper leading, crossing between both sides of your horse, having your horse stay with you at a walk and trot. These skills can be applied outside of 4-H when you are working with your vet or farrier. Also if there is an emergency and you need to keep the horse your handling under control.

Advanced Western- In advanced western we work mainly on horsemanship and equitation. The skills we learn and practice frequently are leads when loping, collection, using your legs to guide your horse, and horsemanship patterns. The skills we learn in this project can help you in horse shows and with a more advanced control over your horse.

Beginning Western- Beginning western is for beginner riders that are unsure of themselves and their horses. This class is for walk/ trotters only so members can get a feel of their seat, gates, and hand positions. We try to encourage young riders and boost their confidence.

English- This project is to help riders that would like to learn how to ride english properly. This class is good for working on balance and muscle control. We teach how to post, ask for right or left leads at the canter, lead changes, and proper equitation. English can apply to most all forms of riding by giving better balance and seat to riders that try for it.

Extra skills- Extra skills includes gymkhana patterns and trail obstacles. Some of the trail obstacles we practice are bridges, mailboxes, poles, tarps, and rope gates. In the gymkhana portion of this project we learn patterns such as poles 1, poles 2, cloverleaf barrels, and speed barrels.

Public speaking- Public speaking consists of presenting in front of an audience and practicing making presentation that are informative and entertaining. This project can improve your speaking skills and writing skills.

Record Keeping-Keep up to date on your record book and learn about how to set and reach your goals.  

Veterinary science- This project teaches members what vaccinations your horse needs, different diseases and viruses found in horses, how to give a horse a shot, de-worming your horse, and body condition.

Arts and Crafts- Have fun with other members from across the county and learn about different ways you can do arts and crafts on a budget. 

Meeting Location

Mokelumne Hill Riding Arena
8630 Lafayette St
Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245


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