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This site will be used to create a central location for workgroup members, researchers, and growers to find information about upcoming events and will be used for timely media pushes for upcoming meetings and other events, such as the Pistachio Short Course. The site will also be used to provide an organized list of links to related research and other useful links, host grower tools for decision making, and facilitate communication between pistachio researchers with interactive boards.

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Pistachio Production Manual

Pistachio Production Manual, Fourth Edition 2005

The 2005 Pistachio Production Manual, Fourth Edition (30 chapters) is available in pdf format here. Coordinating Editor: Louise Ferguson. Assoc. Editors: Robert H. Beede, Mark W. Freeman, David R. Haviland, Brent A. Holtz, Craig E. Kallsen. Production Editor: JoAnn Coviello. Cover Design: Gwen Conville. This manual was written for the UCCE Pistachio Production Short Course, Nov. 2005.