Cannabis Production Survey
Cannabis Production Survey
Cannabis Production Survey
University of California
Cannabis Production Survey

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Introduction and Purpose
The goal of this survey is to characterize cannabis production systems in California. We are interested in learning about the different styles of production and unique crop management challenges faced by cannabis growers. Information gathered in this survey will be useful for helping to identify research and education needs for cannabis production as well as documenting changes over time.

Why is this Research Important?
The recent legalization of cannabis or marijuana production has introduced a “new”, unique and highly valuable crop to California that is on par with other major commodities like grapes, almonds and citrus. As with these other crops, scientists at the University of California work to address and improve the agricultural, social and ecological aspects of cannabis production. As such, we are interested in learning about your cannabis production practices. By characterizing cannabis production systems, UC scientists will be able to identify key production issues and subsequently develop relevant research and extension programs to support cannabis growers.

Who Should Participate?
This survey is open to anyone who produces a cannabis crop in California.

If you agree to participate in this research survey, we ask that you complete an online questionnaire (link at bottom of page). The survey will involve questions about cannabis farm infrastructure, production practices, crop yield and sales. This survey should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Confidentiality/Rights -- What will you do with the findings?
Your survey data is absolutely anonymous and will be handled confidentially. No personally identifiable information (e.g. name, address, phone number, computer IP log etc.) will be collected as part of this survey. The data collected here will be retained for up to five years and may be used in future research. Data collected in this survey will in no way be used for regulatory or enforcement purposes. We will share the aggregated results of this survey with you, interested local organizations, other researchers, and policy makers. This survey closes on August 15 and results should be available by fall/winter 2018.

Who We Are / Contact Us
This survey is being conducted by a collaborative team of scientists from UC Berkeley, UC Riverside and The Nature Conservancy (contacts below). If you have any questions about your rights or treatment as a research participant in this study, please contact Van Butsic ( / 510-666-5400) and Houston Wilson ( / 559-646-6519).

Van Butsic
Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist, Environmental Economics and Policy, UC Berkeley

Houston Wilson
Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist, Agricultural Entomology, UC Riverside

Christy Getz
Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist, Rural Development, UC Berkeley

Ted Grantham
Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist / Adjunct Professor, Freshwater Ecology, UC Berkeley

Jennifer Carah
Senior Freshwater Ecologist, The Nature Conservancy

Kent Daane
Cooperative Extension Specialist, Agricultural Entomology, UC Berkeley

Hekia Bodwitch
Postdoctoral Scholar, Natural Resource Management, UC Berkeley

Participation is Voluntary
You can decline to answer any questions in the survey. If you agree to take part in the research, please click on the “Accept” button below.

Thank you for sharing your insights and opinions with us.


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