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Online Air Blast Sprayer Calibration Course

UC Cooperative Extension, UCIPM, and the Spray Application Pest Management Alliance Team, with support from California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Pest Management Alliance grants program, have developed a comprehensive online course for calibrating air blast sprayers!
Co-authored by Lynn Wunderlich, UCCE Farm Advisor in the Central Sierra, and Franz Niederholzer, UCCE Farm Advisor in Colusa/Sutter/Yuba counties, this unique course is for pesticide applicators, application supervisors, growers, Pest Control Advisors, and anyone involved in spray decision making in perennial crops (trees and vines).
The interactive course, developed by UCIPM online course design experts Petr Kosina and Cheryl Reynolds, is presented in narrated text, photos, video clips and animation to engage you! The course includes 5 modules:
  1. Why proper calibration is critical for your operation’s success.
  2. Equipment: Parts of an axial fan air blast sprayer.
  3. The calibration formula-how to measure the variables and do the math.
  4. Spray drift: droplet size, fan speed, weather, and how to manage.
  5. Spray team communication.
  • 2.5 California DPR CE credits have been approved (2.0 other, 0.5 laws). You must complete all of the course modules and pass the final exam with at least 70% to receive your CEUs.
With the support of DPR’s Pest Management Alliance grants, this course is now available for FREE, until December 31, 2020.
The course is housed on the eXtension Campus website, a part of the Cooperative Extension System.
You must have an account first in https://campus.extension.org/ (available without charge). Create a new account or simply use your existing Google or Microsoft account for login.
Questions or Comments? Email Lynn Wunderlich at lrwunderlich@ucanr.edu.