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Irrigation Management

Irrigation Management: link to UC Specialist Larry Schwankl's irrigation management page. A plethora of information including powerpoint presentations of soil moisture monitoring, drip maintenance, flow meters, pumping systems, microirrigation in wine grapes, and more!

Irrigation Management in Vineyards

Vineyard Irrigation: vineyard irrigation information compiled by colleague Rhonda Smith (UCCE Sonoma), including information on calculating Et, RDI, crop water needs and checking drip efficiency and uniformity.

Irrigation Management of Winegrapes with a Limited Water Supply

Dick Bethell's Irrigation Manuals

Irrigation Management for the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, Dick Bethell, County Director and Farm Advisor, UCCE El Dorado County; Elias Fereres, Richard Buchner, and Ron Mansfield.

Irrigating Sierra Nevada Foothill Crops Efficiently: To Conserve Water, Dick Bethell, County Director and Farm Advisor, UCCE El Dorado County.