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Citrus Links

Many subtropical crops are grown successfully in Fresno County, including citrus at approximately 30,000 acres.  Citrus grown in Fresno County include orange (navel, valencia, and blood), mandarin/tangerine, lemon, grapefruit/pummelo, and tangelo. The UC Cooperative Extension program in Fresno provides research-based information and problem solving, and extends knowledge to clientele involved with production of crops.

Many resources are available for growers and personnel with allied industries who work with citrus growers. The commodity cost and return studies provide economic figures on the average costs of starting and maintaining tree crops, along with possible economic returns which are variable. Please refer to the link labeled "Cost Studies ". There are a number of UC Cooperative Extension statewide publications on these crops, including production manuals and integrated pest management manuals. There are a variety of publications on specific items and discipline areas, such as soils, irrigation, climate, fertilizer, etc. Please refer to the link labeled "Publications". There are also a number of internet sites with useful information, and can be accessed by referring to the link labeled "Citrus Information Links" found at the bottom of this page.