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Amador County Presentations
Ione Junior High School
450 S Mill St
Ione, CA 95640
Contact: Kelsi Williams, krawilliams@ucanr.edu 209-223-6484
Sponsor: Amador County 4-H Program

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4-H presentations are a special sharing time when members show the skills they’ve acquired to others. Presentation Day gives 4-H members the opportunity to show others what they have learned in their current 4-H projects.

It is a planned demonstration or illustrated talk which explains or illustrates by using examples. To demonstrate is to teach by showing – learning by doing! Show someone how to tie his shoes, or his 4-H tie! Demonstrating is teaching in the clearest and simplest method known. When members are enrolled in 4-H they have a desire to learn. In giving presentations, they share with others their acquired knowledge. Boys and girls like to “tell others”. This is natural. They should be encouraged to start by giving a simple presentation and, as they develop, they can do more difficult presentations.


Presentations help 4-H members:

  • do and learn-learn by doing
  • develop an ability to speak before a group
  • share acquired knowledge and skill
  • develop creativity
  • gain experience in teamwork
  • gain self-confidence, leadership skills and initiative
  • gain person recognition
  • have a more interesting and active 4-H project

Every club and project group should devote time to presentations. Presentations by 4-H members should be a vital part of every 4-H club program. A desirable goal for each 4-H club is to have every member give at least one presentation during the year.

All the information is at: Amador County Presentation Day