UCCE 4-H Program of El Dorado County
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UCCE 4-H Program of El Dorado County

Countywide Projects

2018-2019 4-H Program Year

Countywide Projects are open to all clubs. Please email the leader to get information about the project, dates & times.

Note: Projects are added to this list as we hear back from the project leader. Please check back periodically for an update of projects. 


Countywide Projects 2018-2019

As projects are being formed they will be added to this page below, so please continue to check back. If they are listed with the project leader's name you can then login to your family online enrollment profile and add the project(s) to your child(s) list. If there is not a name then the project is not yet available. 

Aerospace & Rocketry: Project Leader, Evan Shipman, theshipmanfamily@att.net

All Star Leadership: Project Leader, Deanne Repetto, rockyridge@jps.net 

Alpaca - combined with Llama project see below. 

Cattle - Beef: Project Leader, Jorgi Darrah, holmroad@yahoo.com; Asst. Leader, Robyn Kelly, robnk@carterkelly.com & Tom Lemos, tlomes@live.com 

Birds - Poultry: Project Leader, Anglea Johnson, aejohnson250@gmail.com

Ceramics & Clay Arts: Project Leader, Margaret Gwinnup, 
Working with greenware that has already been poured. Learn to clean, glaze or paint the piece and the firing process. Project - CANCELED.

Citizenship: Project Leader, Vera M. Bullard, vmbullard@ucanr.edu

Clothing & Textiles (Exploring Dyes, Printing and Embellishment Techniques): Project Leader, Thalia Pearce, thalia@pearcenet.com

Clothing & Textiles - Sewing Beginning (8 youth limit) Beginning Sewing Project Info Sheet : Project Leaders, Lynn Scales, lscales@rescueusd.org & Nancy Starr, nancy.starr138@yahoo.com

Drama & Theater Arts ( Drama Project Flyer ), Project Leader, Danielle Baumunk, beau8401@mail.brandman.edu

Dog - Agility: Project Leader, Jill Gustatafson, pvfarmsjag@aol.com

Dog Training: Project Leader, Karen Anderson & Sue Meade, msmeade45@aol.com 

Goats - Dairy: Project Leader, Denise Jones, marybellefarms@yahoo.com

Goats - Meat: Project Leader, Denise Jones, marybellefarms@yahoo.com 

Goats - Mini Dairy: Project Leader, Sharon White, sdrwhite@yahoo.com

Goats - Nigerian: Project Leader, Gene Boring, geneboring@gmail.com

Goats - Pack: Project Leader, Cheri White, whitepackgoat@yahoo.com 

Goats - Pygmy: Project Leader: Laurie Richardson, lauriejr5@gmail.com

Llama/Alpaca: Co-Project Leader: Christine Terbijhe b.c@terbijhe.com & Trish Brandt-Robuck, rbrranch@sbcglobal.net.

Rabbit - Market: Project Leader, Danelle Hosmann, danelleah1@att.net

Rabbit - Agility: Co- Project leaders, Traci Hempel, tracihempel@gmail.com & Kianna Gerell, kgerell@gmail.com

Sports- Disc Golf: Project Leader, Evan Shipman, theshipmanfamily@att.net

Veterinary Science: Project Leader, Ginny Carlson, backwoodsblonde7@yahoo.com


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