UCCE 4-H Program of El Dorado County
University of California
UCCE 4-H Program of El Dorado County

Becoming a Volunteer

Adult Volunteer Information

Adults are eligible at 18 years or older, but cannot overlap if they are enrolled as a youth member.

Chaperones must be 21 years of age or older.

Current Volnteers just need to re-enroll and turn in the necessary forms and fees. Click here to ENROLL NOW. (If volunteers fail to enroll for a year they will need to re-fingerprint and go through the orientation process when re-enrolling. So volunteers are encouraged to enroll and pay the fee if they are only planning on taking a year off.)

New Volunteers need to complete this process:

  1. Receive fingerprint clearance from the Department of Justice - You must pick the form up from the UCCE 4-H office. Each entity requesting your fingerprints has their own reporting number, this is why you must fingerprint for any organization when working with children.
  2. Complete the 4-H Volunteer Leader Training Confirmation Form - this is an on-line form with links to training resources. Once you have read and completed the training modules you just print off, sign and turn in to the 4-H Office.
  3. Attend the Volunteer Leader Orientation scheduled for January 20, 2011.
  4. Complete the enrollment process, ENROLL NOW, and turn in the forms and fees.
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