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Gail W. Feenstra

Director, SAREP; Academic Coordinator, Food & Society
2801 Second Street
Davis, CA 95618-7779
(530) 792-8248
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Gail Feenstra is the Deputy Director of SAREP and the Food and Society Coordinator at the Agricultural Sustainability Institute, University of California.  SAREP's Food Systems Program encourages the development of regional food systems that link farmers, consumers and communities.  Feenstra's research and outreach has focused on farm-to-school and farm-to-institution evaluation in California and nationally, regional food system distribution, and values-based supply chains.  Current projects help small, beginning and immigrant farmers access regional markets. She has also worked with communties and national groups to develop food system assessments. She is coordintating SAREP's Farmworker and Food System Worker Initiative.  Feenstra has a doctorate in nutrition education from Teachers College, Columbia University with an emphasis in public health. 


Sustainable agriculture, local and regional food systems, regional marketing, farmers markets, farm to school programs, nutrition, food system assessments/ indicators, food security, program evaluation

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Peer Reviewed

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Non-Peer Reviewed

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