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You will be working with a professional who has invested their own time and money to learn from experts the most current landscape sustainability principles and practices. 

  1. UCD Terrace native
    Landscape irrigation efficiency
    • saving you on your water bill
    • improving the health of your garden
    • preventing polluted runoff
  2. Promoting healthy soil for healthy plants
    • sustainable fertilization practices
    • organic mulches to retain moisture and protect roots
  3. Regionally appropriate plant selection
    • selecting low-water-use plants
    • choosing the right plant for the right place
  4. Reducing your green waste to the landfill
    • compost on site
    • use your own clippings for mulch and fertilizer
  5. Integrated pest management
    • protecting YOU, YOUR FAMILY, & YOUR PETS
    • preventing pest pressures with cultural practices
    • using the least toxic chemical materials when necessary
  6. Proper planting for trees and shrubs
  7. Best turf grass management practices

When you hire a GREEN GARDENER you're investing in the future of your garden and the environment!  See the list of Qualified GREEN GARDENERS under that tab above.