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Local agriculture in Marin receives assistance from numerous local agencies and organizations. Working in partnership, these collaborating organizations bring solutions to the obstacles that Marin's farmers and ranchers encounter. To learn more about each of these partners, please go to:

Partners Update

J Westman
Marin Organic has a new Executive Director, Jeffrey Westman. He brings a dedication to, in his own words, “Sustainable agriculture (organic and biodynamic) and evolved management practices based on Rudolf Steiner's Three-Fold thinking; working to understand the relationship between the economic, social and spiritual aspects of organizational structure and management.” Hiring Jeffrey as the Executive Director is a perfect complement to its recently completed organizational plan and focus on three core areas: member support, community education, and food access. By deepening relationships between producers, local businesses, and consumers, facilitating the Farm Field Studies program, and enriching their gleaning program, Marin Organic is poised for success. Jeffrey brings a wealth of experience in these program areas through his efforts in starting GrowKitchen, a Center for Fooducation in Sebastopol, and serving as California Farmlink’s Board President. He is already jumping in with great contributions to the Marin Food Policy Council and in forging a new partnership with CropMobster. “Jeffrey is passionate and skilled" explained Janet Brown, Marin Organic Board member, “we are thrilled to have his leadership.”

Welcome to Marin, Jeffrey - it is wonderful to have you join the community.