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Structure and Objectives

1.0    Aims

The ICGTD is a non-profit organization. It has no sponsors, no membership fees. All its activities are carried out on a volunteer base with the unique aim of promoting personal contacts, collaboration and exchange of information among the scientists involved in research on grapevine trunk diseases.

2.0    Executive Council composition

The Executive ICGTD Council is composed by founding members, chairperson, regional coordinators, previous workshop organizers and honorary members.

2.1 Founding members
Luigi Chiarappa, Philippe Larignon, Lucie Morton, Laura Mugnai, Ian Pascoe, Lisa van de Water.

2.2 Board: Chairperson and Regional coordinators
They are nominated or confirmed at each meeting of the executive council to be held on the occasion of each workshop organized by the ICGTD, with the task of keeping close contact with the other ICGTD members.

2.3 Previous workshop organizers
The local organizer or one representative member of the organizing committee is invited to belong to the Executive Committee.

2.4 Honorary members
To be proposed by one of the Council members and approved by the council.

3.0    ICGTD membership

All participants to one or more of the workshops who have a specific interest and activity on grapevine trunk diseases are entitled to be members. To actually belong to the group they only need to fill in the ICGTD membership form and send it to their regional coordinator.

4.0    Tasks and delimitation of activities

Grapevine fungal trunk diseases, whose agents are located in the mature stem (trunk and cordons) of grapevines, with special emphasis on Esca and related diseases, but also including trunk diseases caused by other fungal pathogens such as EutypaBotryosphaeria, Cylindrocarpon and Phomopsis.

5.0    ICGTD Website

The Council, with the help of all members, runs an ICGTD website. It includes the following:

  • Short introduction and presentation of the group

  • Tasks and interests

  • Council composition

  • Update info on the workshops organized by the group

  • List of members including:

Institution, address, fax, e-mail
Main field of interest within research on grapevine trunk diseases
Availability of a fungal collection for collaborations/exchange

  • List of updated literature produced on each of the main research fields (see form)

  • Links with descriptive pages on the main pathogens involved

  • List of reference strains (optional)

  • Links with descriptive pages on the main diseases of interest for the group

  • List of main ongoing or recently finished projects (optional)

  • Suggested links with other websites of interest for ICGTD members

Minutes of Council Meetings


The ICGTD is also recognized by the International Society for Plant Pathology as an ISPP Subject Matter Committees (SMCs), which are specialist committees established (or endorsed) by the International Society for Plant Pathology to address and report on special fields or problems in plant pathology (ISPP Statute 5 (b)).

ISPP Subject Matter Committee: Grapevine Trunk Diseases
Chair: Laura Mugnai (laura.mugnai@unifi.it)